Life in Germany

My Move To Germany

Beautiful traditional German buildings in Bernkastel-Kues.

It was the last week of January and my enthusiasm was through the roof. I was like a child waiting to go to Disney World, instead I was waiting to board my one way flight to Germany. I had spent the last four years living in the paradise of Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. My years in Hawaii had been the best years of my life and parting from the island would have been heartbreaking if it wasn’t for the prospect of traveling through Europe, living in a different country, exploring new cultures, and enjoying the four seasons again. 

Everything all packed up.

The move to Germany was something I had been anticipating for more than a year, but of course the actual process of moving abroad happens in just a few months. It is chaotic and draining to ship your car, household goods, and move out of the apartment in the span of a few months.  After all the sleepless nights, hiccups in shipping process and lastly a ten hour flight from Honolulu to Atlanta I boarded a nine hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany. 

Arriving at the Frankfurt airport was surreal, I couldn’t believe that I would be starting this new adventure of living abroad. We got on our shuttle towards the village we would live in and my surrealism vanished. As we left the city of Frankfurt the landscape of Germany became familiar. I began to see lush trees in small forests and plots of agricultural fields that are so common in Eastern Oregon. I suddenly felt as if I was going back home to Oregon. Just as I was beginning to feel too comfortable in my familiarity we got to our village and the homes were different than the ones back home and I could not understand the signs around me.  

Rathaus in Bernkastel-Kues.

  As we began to get settled in the hotel it began to snow, it was beautiful and it made me feel at peace with the start of this new adventure. An adventure that I want to document, so that one day in the future when I am settled in my forever home I can look back at the time I lived abroad. I can remember how I felt and the wonderful experiences I had. I hope that in this process I can also share my chronicles with you and may it bring an escape or entertainment.